Symposium ‘Water in Times of Climate Change’ report

An agreement was signed by all parties during the water symposium.

12/20/2019 | 1:02 PM

… This Agreement invites to respond to that calling. It brings together all those of good will,    ready to share our insights, visions, resources, and capabilities. The Agreement respects the    dignity of our differences and the responsibility for joint action. The hope based Agreement    seeks to bridge our practical, technological, legal, economical, and spiritual understandings of    our predicament. Together we will take the small steps needed today to reach our rich vision    of living sustainably on this earth, living with water as our partner…

191220_Watersymposium_Tekst1During a ceremony in the closing session of the symposium this agreement was signed by representatives of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, water utilities Amsterdam, Jakarta and Cape Town, dredging company Van Oord, United Nations Environmental Program, ABN AMRO, Old Catholic Church, Soetendorp Instiute, Tear, Deltares, Water Institute Cape Town, Netherlands-Indonesian Consortium for Muslim-Christian Relations and Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (VU Amsterdam). In the coming months the recommendations of the this agreement e.g. on community building, nature based solutions and radical uncertainty are further developed.

191220_Watersymposium_Tekst2The recommendations were created in the workshops in the morning session in the head office of ABN AMRO. In these workshops issues related to water and climate change were investigated between at least two of the three cities Jakarta, Cape Town and Amsterdam or between at least two of the interlocking dimensions of science, youth, politics, economics, and religion. Central question was: Can we can bridge gaps between the different ‘worlds’ to gain a fuller understanding of problems at hand and provide better responses?

T191220_Watersymposium_Tekst3he dilemma’s, needs and good practices discussed in the workshops were highlighted in the presentations of the cities Jakarta, Cape Town and Amsterdam in the afternoon session on November 5th. The tree cities presented the reality on water and climate change in their cities on the dimensions of science, youth, politics, economics, and religion. The morning session had started with these dimension on a global scale and were presented by among others Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, professor Jan Peter Balkenende (former Prime Minister of the Netherlands), professor Jeroen Aerts (international leading scientist in the field of water and climate risk management) a youth panel, Pieter van Oord (CEO Van Oord), dr. Iyad Abumoghli (United Nations Environment Programme) and Cardinal Turkson (Roman Catholic Church).