The Future of Interfaith Spiritual Care: Symposium celebrating Anke Liefbroer's PhD research

Wednesday the 9th of September with Keynote speakers professor Wendy Cadge and VU researcher Joantine Berghuijs

07/28/2020 | 2:04 PM

Over the past decades, the religious landscape in the Netherlands has become increasingly diverse. Some affiliate with one religious tradition, while others combine elements from various traditions in their lives, or do not affiliate with any religious tradition. In her PhD thesis ‘Interfaith spiritual care’ Anke Liefbroer investigated how spiritual caregivers deal with this diversity in their daily practice. One of the findings from this study is that providing spiritual care to clients with a variety of religious and spiritual orientations is an integral aspect of spiritual caregiving. What does this mean for the character of the spiritual care profession, and for the development and future of spiritual care?.

Science, practice and education
In this symposium researchers, practitioners, and educators in spiritual care will reflect upon this question. Keynote speaker Prof. dr. Wendy Cadge, Professor of Sociology at Brandeis University, will do so from her research in the field of spiritual care in the USA. She founded and co-directed the Transforming Chaplaincy Project (from 2015 to 2019), and launched the Chaplaincy Innovation Lab (in 2018). Keynote speaker Dr. Joantine Berghuijs will do so from her research in the Netherlands. She co-authored the book ‘God in Nederland, 1966-2015’ [transl. title: ‘God in the Netherlands, 1966-2015’] and is author of ‘Meervoudig religieus: spirituele openheid en creativiteit onder Nederlanders’ [transl. title ‘Multiple Religious: Spiritual openness and creativity among the Dutch’].

Program (keynote lectures in English):
13.00-13.05 start
13.05-13.15 welcome and introduction by Ruard Ganzevoort and Erik Olsman
13.15-13.45 keynote lecture by Joantine Berghuijs
13.45-13.50 column the practice of spiritual care I by Femke Stock
13.50-13.55 column the practice of spiritual care II by Simeon Karsten
13.55-14.10 break / intermezzo
14.10-14.40 keynote lecture by Wendy Cadge
14.40-14.45 column education of interfaith spiritual care I by Pieter Coppens
14.45-14.50 column education of interfaith spiritual care II by Hans Alma
14.50-15.00 closing words by Ruard Ganzevoort and Erik Olsman

After the symposium Anke Liefbroer will defend her thesis entitled ‘Interfaith spiritual care’ at 15.45 at VU.

Participation in this symposium is free. You can stream the event live between 1 and 3 pm via this link.

You can stream the defence by Anke Liefbroer from 3:45 pm via this link.

The symposium is made possible by the Faculty of Religion and Theology of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (host) and by the support of the Dutch Organization for Spiritual Caregivers (Vereniging voor Geestelijk VerZorgers, VGVZ).