Biblical Studies

The research programme “Description and Interpretation of Old and New Testament Texts” has three subprogrammes. The subprogramme “Old Testament” does research into the relationship between methods of exegesis, hermeneutics, linguistics, and the theology of the Old Testament. The subprogramme “Computer Assisted Analysis” develops computer programs and databases for the grammatical and linguistic analysis of the Hebrew text of the Old Testament. The subprogramme “New Testament” investigates (1) the theology of the writings of the New Testament within the framework of the historical, religious, and cultural contexts in which they originated; (2) the history of textual criticism and of the manuscripts of the New Testament; and (3) hermeneutical issues which arise in the interpretation and translation of the message of the New Testament for today, whereby attention is also given to how the New Testament texts have been interpreted through the centuries.


  • Bridging Data and Tradition: The Hebrew Bible as a linguistic corpus and as a literary composition (E. Talstra, J.W. Dyk and W.T. van Peursen (Leiden University))
  • A Jewish Targum in a Christian World, with a special focus on book of Samuel. (E. van Staalduine)
  • Cosmos and Creation in Paul (M.C. de Boer)
  • The Rhetoric of Crucifixion in Paul (M.C. de Boer)
  • The Relationship between Galatians and Romans (M.C. de Boer)
  • The Reception of the Letters of John in the Early Church (B.J. Lietaert Peerbolte)
  • The Brill Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (B.J. Lietaert Peerbolte and P. van Geest)
  • New Testament Conjectural Emendation (B.J. Lietaert Peerbolte and J. Krans)
  • The Use of Paradeigmata/exempla in Paul’s Letter to the Philippians (P.-B. Smit)
  • “Office” in the New Testament (P.-B. Smit)
  • Historical Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics (A. Zwiep)



  • Boer, Prof. M.C. de (Professor New Testament)
  • Dubbink, Prof. J. (Endowed Professor in Biblical theology)
  • Dyk, Dr. J. (lecturer in Bible Translation and member of Old Testament research staff)
  • Folmer, Dr. M. (lecturer in Hebrew)
  • Karrer-Grube, dr. C.R.B.
  • Krans, Dr. J.L.H. (university lecturer in the New Testament)
  • Smit, Dr. P.B.A. (university lecturer in the New Testament)
  • Staalduine-Sulman, Dr. E. van (university lecturer in the Old Testament)
  • Talstra, Prof. E. (Old Testament Professor)
  • Vries, Prof. L.J. de (Endowed Professor in Bible Translation)
  • Vries, Dr. P. de (lecturer in Biblical Theology)
  • Zwiep, Dr. A.W. (university lecturer in the New Testament)