Church History

The main areas of focus in the research conducted in the Church History department are the history of early Christianity, the history of the church in the late Middle Ages and the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century. Special projects within the programme include the theology of Augustine and the early Protestant Reformation, the Biblia Sacra project, and the reformation in the Low Countries. Research is also conducted into the history of the Dutch Anabaptist/Mennonite movement and in the history of neo-calvinism. 


  • Bibles printed in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Reformed theological education at the Gymnasium illustre in Bremen (1528 – 1812)
  • Sebastian Castellio
  • The Mennonite elite in the Dutch Republic
  • The reception of the Church Fathers in the early modern era
  • The history of early modern theology, and especially reformed Orthodoxy


  • Amirav, Dr. H. (researcher in Patristic Studies)
  • Bakker, Prof. H.A. (freelance researcher at the Centre for Patristic Research and the Center for Evangelical and Reformation Theology)
  • Bollinger, S. (PhD student supervised by Professor Harinck)
  • Broeke, Dr. L. van den (lecturer in Religion, Law and Society)
  • Celia, F., MA (PhD student)
  • Egmond, P. van, MA (PhD student supervised by Professor Van Geest)
  • Geest, Prof. P.J.J. van (Professor of Augustine Studies)
  • Goudriaan, Dr. A. (lecturer in Patristic Studies and History of early modern theology)
  • Harinck, Prof. G. (Professor in Collection Development and the History of Neo-Calvinism)
  • Hof, Prof. W.J. op ’t (Professor in the History of Reformed Pietism)
  • Hollander, Prof. A.A. den (Professor of the History of the Religious Book)
  • Jagt, J.W., MA (PhD student)
  • Janse, Prof. W. (Professor Church History)
  • Kamp, J. van de, MA (PhD student in Church History)
  • Mulligen, R. van (PhD student supervised by Professor Harinck)
  • Smalbrugge, prof. dr. M. (bijzonder hoogleraar Europese cultuur en Christendom, in het bijzonder in relatie tot het werk van Augustinus)
  • Veen, Dr. M.G.K. van (lecturer in Church History)
  • Visser, Prof. P. (Professor in the History of Baptism and related movements)
  • Voolstra, A. (PhD student supervised by Professor Visser)
  • Wallet, Dr. B.T. (research coordinator)
  • Wesselink, H.E., MA (PhD student)