Dogmatics and Ecumenics

The Department of Dogmatics and Ecumenics examines the thematization of the Christian tradition in the current global context. The section does so from a oecumenical, non-denominational perspective, but nonetheless fed by its rooting in the Reformation. Key points of research are the christology, ecclesiology and the place of the church in the public domain, whereby especially the relation between those three key points will be the object of research.


  • Bakker, Prof. H.A. (Endowed Professor History, identity and theology of Baptism)
  • Boer, Prof. E.A. de (Endowed Professor in the History of the Reformation)
  • Borght, Prof. E.A.J.G. Van der (Professor in the VU University Desmond Tutu Chair in Youth, Sport and Reconciliation)
  • Brink, Prof. G. van den (lecturer in Dogmatics)
  • Brinkman, Prof. M.E. (Professor of Intercultural Theology)
  • Enns, Prof. F. Enns (Professor of Mennonite (Peace-) Theology and Ethics)
  • Kommers, Dr J. (researcher on Sub-Saharan Africa project)
  • Kooi, Prof. C van der (Professor of Systematich Theology)
  • Leer, T. van der Leer MA (director Baptist Seminary)
  • Miedema, Dr L.P. (co-supervisor PhD research)
  • Reitsma, Prof. B. (Endowed Professor in The Church in the context of Islam)
  • Tolstoj, Dr E.V (postdoc researcher Dogmatics)
  • Toren, Prof. B. van den (Endowed Professor Theology of Charismatic Renewal)
  • Vlastuin, Dr W. van (lecturer Systemic Theology)
  • Wisse, Dr habil. P.M. (Professor of Dogmatics and Ecumenics)