Research Programmes

The Faculty of Religion and Theology has six different research programmes. These programmes combine elements of descriptive and evaluative research. The research focuses on accounting for religious and philosophical perspectives and positions encountered in early and modern-day writings. As such, it creates an open dialogue on the evaluation of these perspectives and positions.

Biblical Studies

The research programme “Description and Interpretation of Old and New Testament Texts” has three subprogrammes.

Church History

The main areas of focus in the research conducted in the Church History department are the history of early Christianity, the history of the church in the late Middle Ages and the Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century.

Dogmatics and Ecumenics

The Department of Dogmatics and Ecumenics examines the thematization of the Christian tradition in the current global context.

Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Study of Religions

The department Philosophy of Religion and Comparative Study of Religions provides education in several area’s.


In the program, the religious plurality of the “cultures” is the starting point.

Centre for Islamic Theology

The Centre focuses on the study of Islam as a praxis and scientific discipline.