Within the programme of the Praxis department, practical theologians, social-scientists and ethicists study religious and moral practices where a (religious) identity takes shape in a pluralist context. In the program, the religious plurality of the “cultures” is the starting point, taking shape in, among others, in researching religion in the media and in popular culture. In a first partial program, religious communities take center stage. Attention among others is given to shaping of communities, migrant churches, belief communication and - transfer. A second partial program is built around the theme of care. It comprises projects in the field of mental care, philosophical care for people with an intellectual restriction and the identity of care providers and institutions.


  • Asrami, drs. N. (researcher of identity formation of young Muslim adults)
  • Bakker, M. (guest lecturer on behalf of the Amsterdam Centre for Eastern Orthodox Theology (ACEOT))
  • Barnard, Prof. M. (Endowed Professor in Liturgical Studies)
  • Bertram-Troost, Dr G.D. (Professor in Religious Pedagogy)
  • Bos MSc., G.F. (PhD student in Practical Theology on behalf of the Willem van den Bergh Chair)
  • Ganzevoort, Prof. R.R. (Professor in Practical Theology)
  • Groen, Drs. E. (lecturer in Practical Theology on behalf of the Baptist Seminary)
  • Hoek, Drs. P.C. (lecturer in Practical Theology on behalf of the Hersteld Hervormd Seminarie)
  • Huizing, Drs. W. (lecturer in Practical Theology on behalf of the Baptist Seminary)
  • Jongh, Drs. E.C.T. de (lecturer in Spiritual Care, Practical Theology)
  • Klaver, Dr M. (Professor in Media, Religion and Culture)
  • Kooten, Drs. R. van (lecturer in Practical Theology on behalf of the Hersteld Hervormd Seminarie)
  • Lanser-van der Velde, Dr A.M. (associate professor in Religious Pedagogy and supervisor, Practical Theology)
  • Miedema, Prof. S. (emeritus Professor in Religious Pedagogy)
  • Mosher, dr. A.K. (Professor Religious Pedagogy)
  • Paas, Prof. S. (Endowed Professor in Church Planting and Church Renewal, J.H. Bavinck Chair for Church Planting on behalf of the Center for Evangelical and Reformation Theology (CERT))
  • Reinders, Prof. J.S. (Professor in Ethics and Endowed Professor in the Ethical aspects of anthroposophy-based healthcare and support services on behalf of the Heilpedagogisch Verbond)
  • Roeland, Dr. J.H. (assistant professor in Media, Religion, and Culture)
  • Saane, Dr. J.W. van (assistant professor in Religious Psychology, Social Sciences)
  • Stoppels, Dr. S. (assistant professor in Church Structure and the Diaconate, Practical Theology)