The University Library (UL) is the content manager of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the VU Medical Center (VUmc).
It supports the entire information chain from knowledge, information and data as raw material for education and research through the distribution and management of the scientific output of the university.

The UL maintains collections, provides access to content and provides related products and services. A large part of the collection is digitally accessible, also off-campus.

The services are tailored to the needs of the various faculties and continuously aim to improve processes, often through innovative digital technologies and multimedia.

The UL also offers a high-quality physical study and learning environment at two locations: the Library desk in the VU main building and the Medical Library in the VUmc.

Printed books

On the 10th floor of the main building you will find printed book in open stacks.
A larger part of books is in closed stacks. With your library or student pass you can borrow materials via LibSearch. You can also renew borrowed books or cancel reservations.

Documents outside the UL may be borrowed from other libraries using inter-library loans (ILL).

Course literature can be found at the special shelves at the first floor.

Courses or workshops

For an introduction to efficient literature research you can follow a workshop or online course information literacy at the UL:
•    Level A (first-year students)
•    Level B (advanced first-year students)
•    Level C - Humanities (students writing a thesis)
•    General research skills: information literacy (Master Theology)


In addition to online courses the library provides information about various products and services that are relevant in the current academic world. So-called Topic Guides. The library also provides information on different tools to manage information.


If you have any questions of suggestions, please use ask your library or contact your subject librarian:
Willemien van Dijk