Admission requirements and procedures

To be admitted to our PhD programme, you must be in possession of a Master's degree or have successfully obtained an equivalent qualification at a foreign institute of higher education (see Doctorate Regulations, 8.1-4). If you are in doubt about your qualifications, please consult the website of Nuffic or send an email to our Graduate School.
There are various ways in which you can get in contact with the Graduate School and get accepted as a PhD candidate. If you know already your specialization area and/or have a prospective supervisor in mind, the easiest way is to have an informal contact with him or her and explore the possibilities of a PhD trajectory. If you are not yet certain about the direction of your career, you can also contact the Director of the Graduate School or other staff members of our faculty. 




From June 2018 onward, registration takes place through Hora Finita, our registration system for PhD students, which covers everything from registration to graduation. When you have found a suitable topic for your dissertation and have come to an agreement with a supervisor, it is up to your supervisor (!) to ask the Graduate School to start the registration procedure. You will then receive a notification through email with further instructions. Please respond promptly.

In order to complete your registration, you must upload the following documents in Hora Finita:

■ A Letter of Application, indicating your intention and motivation to follow a PhD trajectory at the Faculty of Theology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, including a brief summary of your intended research area.

■ A Curriculum Vitae including academic work carried out.

■ A copy of an identity document that is legally valid in the Netherlands (such as a passport, a driving license or an ID-card).

■ Certified copies of your relevant diploma's (in PDF and by regular mail). A notary public, your university or another public institution must certify the copy. These copies must also be posted by regular mail, since the certification loses its validity if scanned. (if these documents are not in Dutch, English, French or German, they must be accompanied by a certified translation in one of these languages).

■ Your Training and Supervision Plan as approved by your supervisor(s), including, in case of exemption requests, evidence of the curriculum components which you have followed, certified diploma supplements and/or original transcripts.

After successful registration, you will receive a Letter of Acceptance, including further instructions about payment of the yearly fee, VUnet-ID, and registration for online courses. Your membership will be activated only after payment of the fee.

The next step is the completion of your research proposal. After you have completed the course on Research Design and your proposal has been presented to one of the faculty's research groups, your supervisor sends it to the Doctorate Board (promotiecommissie) for formal approval (= form 1):

Research proposal as accepted by the Doctorate Committee (and presented to a research group).

■ Form I (Application for Admission to the Doctoral Programme of the Faculty of Religion and Theology (English version; Dutch version).