prof. dr. P.B.A. Smit

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+31 20 59 86632
faculteit religie en theologie ( texts & tradition )
Universitair Docent Nieuw Testament


Regelmatig en per afspraak.


I encourage students and potential Ph.D. students to contact me regarding possible fields of research, my own research may give you an idea what I am interested in.

My current research focuses on:

  • The development of the NT canon and its function in biblical interpretation in early Christianity and modern “canonical approaches” (monograph in preparation)
  • The notion of “masculinity” in early Christianity (various papers in preparation)
  • Ritual in early Christianity, especially "ritual failure"
  • The meaning and development of early Christian “adoptianism”

For specifics in the field of Church History, Ecumenism (incl. the study of Anglicanism), I refer to the bibliography included into my CV.


Curriculum Vitae Peter-Ben Smit

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Oud katholike Seminarie - Unknown Utrecht, 01 maart 2011
Oud Katholieke Parochie Amsterdam - Unknown Amsterdam, 01 april 2011
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