Staff and Fellows

Core members

prof. dr. Willie van der Merwe (director) 
drs. A.L. Vroom (coordinator)

dr. Christa Anbeek
dr. André van der Braak
dr. Victor van Bijlert
dr. Alfons Brüning
prof. dr. Nelly van Doorn
prof. dr. Yolande Jansen
prof. dr. Manuela Kalsky
dr. Lourens Minnema
dr. Marianne Moyaert
drs. Oane Reitsma 
prof. dr. Hans de Wit

Kor Grit - BA Religious Studies (assistent to the editors of Studies in Interreligious Dialogue)
Johan Aanen - BA Religious Studies (assistant web-editor)


In addition to our staff we are very pleased to co-operate with our excellent fellows and former staff-members:

Drs. Jerald Gort (Assoc. Prof. Em.) brings to ACCORD his extensive teaching, research and publication experience in the area of Theology of Religions. Jerry has been fascinated by the question of the relationship between Christianity and other religions ever since he served in Japan as an army paramedic in the 1950s. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jerry is co-founder of our academic series Currents of Encounter (Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam / New York) and continues to be a valued co-editor of it. To date this series has published more than 40 volumes. He can be reached via or

Dr. Alle Hoekema contributes his expertise on Christianity in Indonesia. With his fluency in the language, he has been able to gain in-depth knowledge of Indonesian culture and religiosity. As a teacher, he has educated numerous students on issues of cross-cultural theology, especially regarding the Asian context. He has a special commitment to Mennonite theology and global Mennonite history and is our contact with the Mennonite seminary at our Faculty. Alle has published widely in these fields.

Dr. Henry Jansen brings the theo-philosophical creativity and depth to ACCORD that is reflected in his two PhDs, Laughter Among the Ruins: Postmodern Comic Approaches to Suffering (Literature, 2001) and Relationality and the Concept of God (Theology, 1995, cum laude). As a native English speaker and the owner/operator of a company specializing in academic translations, ACCORD is also very blessed with Henry’s work as a (co-)editor of our publications.

Dr. Rachel Reedijk brings her perspective as an anthropologist on matters of diversity. Her dissertation, Roots and Routes: Identity Construction and the Jewish-Christian-Muslim dialogue (2010), is unique for its strong empirical basis. Her postdoctoral research focuses on the devastating effects of the Israeli Palestinian conflict on interreligious dialogue. In collaboration with ACCORD, Rachel is in charge of organizing a series of conferences to be held at VU University in 2011 and 2012. She has in-depth knowledge of Jewish theology and is a lecturer in our Religious Studies Program. She is an active member in the Liberal Jewish Community and for that reason as well ACCORD deeply values working with her.

Prof. Henk Vroom, Em. is a leading philosopher of religion in Europe who brings to ACCORD his extensive knowledge on issues of religious diversity in Europe in particular, as witnessed in his publications, including his A Spectrum of Worldviews (2006). The coordinator of the research-group Encounter of Traditions that preceded our center and ESITIS to which our center is linked, Henk’s contribution is thus all the more important. As the director of the Faculty’s Center for Islamic Theology, Henk also plays a constructive role in our collaboration with our Muslim colleagues.

Prof. dr. Wessel Stoker